Down By Contact

(3M,1W). DOWN BY CONTACT tells the story of a former pro quarterback who in retirement struggles with the debilitating effects of CTE (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy). The play is based on the lives of former football players and their families.

Developed at the Dobama Theatre Playwrights GYM and the Convergence Continuum reading series, 2015. Full production: Dobama/Playwrights Local. Dir. Dale Heinen.


A collaboratively written full length, directed by Anjanette Hall.

(6-12W). In WEIMAR, a radical women's collective attempts to resist the authoritarian inclinations of their recently elected government. Read more here.

Sydnee Williams in Weimar (Dir. Anjanette Hall. Baldwin Wallace)

Jackson Heights, 3AM

Collaboratively written with Theatre 167, Dir. and Conceived by Ari Laura Kreith

(10W/15M/1GN). A Bangladeshi cab driver working the night shift yearns for a woman who rises at dawn to bake bread but does not speak her language. A closeted policeman from Long Island comes into town for a date. Car dispatchers, sex workers, drag queens, gamblers, and insomniacs collide in the colorful world of Jackson Heights after hours. Published by Indie Theater Now.

You Are Now the Owner of this Suitcase

Collaboratively written with Theatre 167, Dir. and Conceived by Ari Laura Kreith

(12W/16M/3GN). A young woman arriving from Ecuador accidentally switches suitcases with a mysterious stranger. Her quest to recover the missing suitcase will lead her to encounter lovers, dreamers, fighters, a magical cell phone, books that come to life, and the best guitar player in the world. Published by Indie Theater Now.

167 Tongues

A collaboratively written full length play
Written with Alvin Eng, Stephanie Zadravec, Rehana Mirza, Jenny Lynn Bader, Anne Kushner, Meny Berio, Steven Fletcher, Jennifer Gibbs, Deepa Purohit, and Jeffrey Solomon.

(20-30 actors). 167 Tongues explores the emotional geography of Jackson Heights, the most culturally diverse neighborhood in the world. Intermittent street scenes weave together alongside continuous stories in this 37-character play. An Indian sweet shop vendor struggles to keep her store going and her suitors at bay, a Nepali woman and a Mexican man fall in love across a linguistic divide, an Irish ghost befriends a troubled Ecuadorian girl and her Bangladeshi best friend, a Dominican manicurist wonders whether her Jewish-Chinese boyfriend will propose before she is deported by the INS, and a Rwandan night nurse attempts to understand the 167 distinct languages spoken in the local Emergency Room. Published by Indie Theater Now

Austin Ku as Jacob and Arlene Chico-Lugo as Briana in a scene written by Les for 167 Tongues. (Photo: Adam Bennett)

To the Orchard

(2M,2W). After the death of her mother, Rachel Bergman realizes it’s time to change a few things. The only problem is that her father, Simcha, a former heavy-metal rocker turned Orthodox Jew, won’t have it. As Rachel grapples with her desire to become a writer and her budding homosexuality, she is forced to decide between her father or coming out and moving on.

Winner of a 2007 Foundation for Jewish Culture New Jewish Theatre Project grant.

Full production, Playwrights Local 4181, Dir. Dale Heinen. Waterloo Center for the Arts, Cleveland OH. May, 2016.

Breakdown at Ikea

(3M,2W). A young Brooklynite couple invites friends over for dinner to celebrate their new apartment. But things get out of hand when the second course includes revelations about past indescretions. That, and a narrator who supports his narrating career by working at Ikea just can't seem to get the story the way he wants it.

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