Cyrano de Bergen County, New Jersey
Min:2M,9W. Max:3M,12W,2E (flexible)--Lunchtime in the dining room at Ridgewood High in Bergen County, New Jersey is usually pretty dull. But when itís discovered that two likable jocks, Gene and Ralph, havenít read Cyrano de Bergerac for a big test the next period, the lunch room is thrown into disarray as the assembled students rack their brains to help them. Claire, a whiz kid with a ridiculously oversized unibrow and a secret crush, devises an elaborate plan to stage the entirety of the play in order to help the hapless athletes. An uproarious, fast-paced adaptation of Edmond Rostandís classic. Published and licensed by Playscripts, Inc.
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Notes Towards Dialectic, Deconstructed, Reconstructed, and Ultimately Discarded: A Love Story
What happens when the play you're narrating doesn't do what it's supposed to?
1M1W-- In this meta-theatrical play, a performer attempts to present a challenging new staged exploration of Brecht's famous Epic Theater. As such, she remains outside the play, commenting on it and analyzing it. Despite her attempts to maintain critical distance, the play begins to draw her in in unpredictable ways. When she begins to fall in love with Phil, a young botanist inside the story, she is forced to choose between entering the fantasy of the story, or remaining an outsider.

"What is it?" "I think we should kill it."
1M1W-- A young brother and sister find a strange animal in their back yard, which opens into a discussion of abuse suffered at the hand of their father.

Biggest Break Biggest Break
Wherever you're from, it always sucks. 3M1W-- Ben and Uri discover that the recent death of Ben's father may mean their dreams of rock and roll stardom will finally become true. That is until the father's business partner makes some startling revelations which throw the boys' future into doubt.

Brian Gerard Murray as Ben and Elena McGhee as Beth, Artistic New Directions, Schetler Studio, April 2009. Dir Morgan Gould.

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